後期 木曜日 5講時 川北キャンパスB200. 単位数/Credit(s): 2. 担当教員(所属)/Instructor (Position): 大林 武、鈴木 潤、赤間 怜奈 所属:情報科学研究科. 対象学部/Object: 全. 開講期/Term: 2/4/6/8セメスター. 科目群/Categories: 全学教育科目先進科目-情報教育. 履修年度: 2024. 科目ナンバリング/Course Numbering: ZAC-OIN805J. 使用言語/Language Used in Course: 日本語.

主要授業科目/Essential Subjects


授業題目/Class Subject

Past, present, and future of humanity and our society with AI

授業の目的と概要/Object and Summary of Class


AI is one of the most advanced achievements of technological development so far. On the other hand, when we consider it to be a manifestation of intelligence, the path leading to AI is linked to the history of people's thoughts that have continued since long ago. Therefore, AI should change and transform established thoughts concerning humans, society, and law in its transcendental capabilities, speed, and scale. In this lecture, in addition to the history and mechanism of AI, we will provide guidelines to consider how AI affects the way people think about intelligence and consciousness and the way society is. This will foster a mind that allows you to analyze and make a decision thoughtfully about the society where AI coexists.

学修の到達目標/Goal of Study


Learn about the following themes and acquire your way of thought.
・ AI history and concepts
・ How AI is utilized in society
・ How has the social structure changed so far, or is it changing by AI
・ Rules for coexistence between AI and humans
・ Difference between AI and human intelligence and AI's contribution to human understanding

授業内容・方法と進度予定/Contents and Progress Schedule of the Class


日本アイ・ビー・エム 技術者
Google合同会社 技術者
ヒューマノーム研究所 技術者
株式会社ちゃんフク 技術者



1. 導入:ガイダンス・講義全体の説明
2. AIの歴史と将来の展望
3. 生成AIと新たな社会課題
4. AIと法律
5. AI社会をデザインする(1)
6. AI社会をデザインする(2)
7. AIとビジネス
8. AIと社会を支える食糧事情
9. AIにより変わる社会
10. AIと広告・マーケティング
11. AIと教育
12. 人と AI の「へだたり」と「つながり」(1)
13. 人と AI の「へだたり」と「つながり」(2)
14. AIと人間研究(仮)
15. AIと植物科学

1. Introduction: Explanation of This Lecture Course
2. History and Future Prospects of AI
3. Generative AI and New Social Issues
4. AI and Law
5. Designing AI Society (1)
6. Designing AI Society (2)
7. AI and Business
8. AI and Food Situation to Support Society
9. Society Changed by AI
10. AI and Advertisement/Marketing
11. AI and Education
12. “Distance” and “Connection” between people and AI (1)
13. “Distance” and “Connection” between people and AI (2)
14. AI and human Research (tentative)
15. AI and Plant Science

成績評価方法/Evaluation Method

講義の平常点 (15%) および各講義で課すレポート (85%) により評価する。
Grading will be based on regular scores in lectures (15%) and reports assigned in each lecture (85%).

教科書および参考書/Textbook and References


    参考資料, MOOC教材「社会の中のAI~人工知能の技術と人間社会の未来展望~」(ISTU上で閲覧可能),

    授業時間外学修/Preparation and Review


    The session time is limited and therefore selfdirected learning is important. Students are required to prepare and review for each class.

    実務・実践的授業/Practicalbusiness※○は、実務・実践的授業であることを示す。/Note:"○"Indicatesthe practicalbusiness

    授業へのパソコン持ち込み【必要/不要】/Students must bring their own computers to class[Yes / No]

    必要 / Yes

    その他/In Addition

    When necessary, each lecture will present documents and materials to be read in advance.

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